STLHE Announcing a 3M National Teaching Fellowship for the 21st Century

Announcing a 3M National Teaching Fellowship for the 21st Century
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the 3M National Teaching Fellowships, and our celebration of this major milestone culminates in June at our annual convention in the very hometown of 3M Canada: London, Ontario. We are delighted that Paul Madden, President of 3M Canada, and Liisa Sheldrick, 3M’s Corporate Communications and Community Relations Manager, will join us to celebrate the 31st cohort of 3M Teaching Fellows, as well as the 5th cohort of 3M National Student Fellows!

These celebrations will also look forward to the next 30 years of our unique and powerful partnership with 3M Canada. To this end, and after more than a year of creative consultation with 3M Canada on the role of this award in the landscape of post-secondary education (PSE) in Canada, we have received guidance from 3M Canada to extend the eligibility of the award to all teachers in PSE, including our colleagues in the Colleges and Polytechnics. In the next few weeks you will receive the call for nominations to the 2017 cohort, in which the criteria for the award will remain unchanged, but for the first time the eligibility of the award will reflect the principle of inclusivity that defines the very spirit of the STLHE.

In a recent letter to me from Paul Madden, in which he authorizes this plan “to open eligibility of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship to all teachers in post-secondary education,” he writes: “the 3M National Teaching Fellowship is Canada’s most prestigious recognition of excellence in educational leadership. At 3M, we take great pride in recognizing exceptional contributions to teaching and learning and supporting every learners’ educational experience. This change represents the evolving nature of post-secondary education and continues to support the original intention of the Fellowship.”

This change also offers us a unique opportunity to streamline our Society’s awards portfolio. The College Sector Educators Award was conceived in 2012 with criteria and a selection process formulated in direct parallel with the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. Beginning in 2017, therefore, we will offer only one award—the 3M National Teaching Fellowship—given each year on the top 10 post-secondary faculty in Canada who epitomize excellence in peer leadership and consistent excellence in teaching, regardless of institution.

So please join me now, and later in June, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, as well as this exciting and timely renewal of the award for the next 30 years of post-secondary Teaching & Learning in Canada!

Yours sincerely,

Robert Lapp
Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education